360° Virtual Tours for Hotels

When promoting a hotel, resort, holiday park, or wedding venue, it is essential to highlight the location, accommodations, and amenities in order to attract visitors.

Increasing Website Traffic
Increasing Online Bookings
More Confidence to Book

We Make Amazing 360° Virtual Tours For Businesses in Tourism

According to the report published by Oracle Inc., nearly 75% of brands agree that people prefer to do their research before making decisions for most travel related needs. Especially in the hospitality and tourism industry, many customers prefer to look around through a 360° Virtual Tour rather than reading long textual descriptions, viewing images, or watching videos. Virtual Tour technology is an emerging technology in the travel sector, helping potential tenants to narrow down their choices.


Virtual Tours has started revolutionizing hospitality and tourism industry

Hospitality is all about experiences. With Amazing 360° Virtual Tours, we can bring customers a brand new booking experience. According to a survey, customers who used Virtual Tour to view hotels or resorts have enjoyed 75% more than the other users. By using our 360° Virtual Tour creation service, hotel and resort owners can include fine details to the tour such as room, hotel facilities, location information, hotel view, and many other customer attractive things in an immersive way, bringing an aha moment for customers while they are making the reservations.

We help you to provide the best online experience for potential hotel bookings in an ever increasingly online-driven buyers market.

Offer your customers online viewings
The more you show your potential customers, the more likely they are to visit your hotel or resort. A high quality virtual tour within the search result is the most effective way of giving them a preview of the experience they'll have when they walk through your door.
Get your hotel / venue on the shortlist
Most potential customers don't just go with the first hotel or venue they see. They study the market, research the facilities and atmospheres provided, and ultimately come up with a shortlist. 360° Virtual Tours leave a lasting impression, maximising your chances of being on that list.
Show customers that you care
Show potential customers that you care by providing them with all the information they need to make that all important booking. The more information they have, the more likely they are to book, and the booking could be one of the most important days of their lives so you need to showcase what you offer in the best possible way.

How We Plan Your 360° Virtual Tours

We schedule a time and date for our photographer to shoot at your business premises.
We Scan your Premises
Our team shall take a number of high definition panoramic photographs of your business on the scheduled date.
We Build Your Tour
After the shoot we create an amazing Google Street view virtual tour and upload it to the Google Street view.
Share Your Tour
Your virtual tour will be available on Google street view within 1-3 weeks.